The Shaved Vagina Devil Tattoo You Won’t Believe!

Alright – this is gonna be one of those deals where you see this pic, and you never forget it. You tell the guys at work and your friends “dude – you’ll never believe this devil tattoo I saw on this chicks shaved vagina……AND the tongue was her pussy lips!!”. I’ve never seen anything like this – have you? I can’t even imagine how long this pussy crotch tattoo took, but hell, the amount of time is nothing. There are many places on the body that you can get a tattoo that would be extremely painful. The neck. The ankle. Some people even get one on the inside of the lip, or the top of their foot. But I have to imagine that the labia, pussy lips, and all around have to be the absolutely number one most painful place you can get a tattoo. Unbelievable. Well, if you want more nude pics – you know where to go – our sexy picture gallery! Also – if you think this pic is as crazy as I do, use the “email this” link right after the pic to send it to your friends. They won’t believe it if you just tell them! Seeing is believing! It’s a helluva naked crotch shot.

Crazy devil pussy crotch tattoo - how painful was it?