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Katie Rees, formerly Miss Nevada (running for Miss America) Pictures!! Wow, this is incredible - these are high quality pictures with no watermark of naughty little Miss Nevada when she was only 19 years old. Apparently she was out on the town with a few girlfriends and maybe a couple guys. While she says she was only 19 - it sure looks like they are drunk and bombed out of their mind. It doesn't seem like it would be legal for them to drink at that age. In the photo gallery below you'll see it looks like Katie Rees Miss Nevada. Girls kissing girls, girls sucking on other girls boobs, one picture has one of the girls with her tongue right on the crotch of one of the others, a guys has his tongue on the tit and ass in several other pictures - these are just some crazy pictures! Katie Rees was fired and isn't Miss Nevada anymore, now the first runnerup is. I guess that's the price you pay for partying when you're young and stupid - and nowadays someone is always nearby with a camera!

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