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Wow, this is incredible. Britney Spears is out on the town in Hollywood partying with Paris Hilton in a limo. Obviously Paris must have had some kind of influence on her with her hardcore partying ways - because Britney forgot to wear underwear that night. Well, maybe she didn't really forget - maybe Britney went out with no panties because she wanted the world to see her private parts. She probably wasn't thinking at the time because Paris probably told her that it would put her back on the map like the whole Paris Hilton sex tape controversy. Anyway - as you can see from the near nude photos below Britney Spears is getting out of the car with Paris by her side, and as she swings out her legs the paparazzi got some of the highest quality pictures of her entire shaven crotch, vagina, beaver, naughty bits, private parts - Britney's pussy, whatever you want to call it, she was exposed for the entire world to see. She doesn't look bad for a young hottie that's had 2 kids, but they say that she specifically asked for a c-section for birthing both kids. She must have been very conciously not wanting to stretch everything out down there. But just the very notion of that K-Fed Keven Federline fool having sex with Britney makes me want to puke. And the notion that there may be a Kevin Federline Britney Spears sex tape? Just entirely sickening - the whole notion of it. I'm so glad that she's divorcing that creep and I hope her pre-nup keeps him from getting dick squat. Enjoy the pictures, and be sure to click on each one individually for the up close and personal high res high quality version.

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